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U.S. Consulate and Zumbi dos Palmares Share a Dream

São Paulo | August 20, 2010
Consul General Thomas Kelly addresses the Zumbi dos Palmares students

Consul General Thomas Kelly addresses the Zumbi dos Palmares students

Taking the earliest opportunity to visit the site of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s historic townterview in March, recently arrived Consul General Thomas Kelly paid a call on the Rector of Zumbi das Palmares University , Dr. Jose Vicente on August 16.

During the meeting with the Rector and tour of the classes, Mr. Kelly reinforced the commitment of the U.S. Mission to share with the students and faculty of Zumbi the dream of equality of opportunity embodied in the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and exemplified by the election of President Barack Obama. 

In addressing one of the Public Relations classes, both the Rector and the Consul General stressed how the Consulate has and will continue to be an integral part in Zumbi’s efforts to foster progress, development, and access to education for Brazilian Afro-descendants.

“The United States Consulate was the first to open its doors and support our goals and through this transition, we’ve gained numerous friends along the way who believe in our Mission,” stated Vincente.

Consulate São Paulo has supported Zumbi from its inception and continues to sponsor speaker and exchange programs, including grant support for the exchange of teachers and students with Xavier University in New Orleans.  

Referring back to Secretary Clinton’s program in March, Mr. Kelly said, “Education is of the utmost importance in giving people a level playing field in society.   Zumbi is working in the most important sector so that all Brazilians have equal opportunities for advancement in Brazilian society, an objective we strongly support.” 

The Consul General was able to confirm that the 15 English language scholarships for Zumbi students, funded by Mais Unidos, which Secretary Clinton announced in March will be implemented in the 2011 term through one of the consulate’s partner institutions, Associaco Alumni.

Zumbi das Palmares was founded in 2003 as an institution of higher education with a focus on the culture, history and values of the Afro-Brazilian population.  Of Zumbi’s 2,000 students, 90% are self-declared Afro-Brazilians.  Most are older than traditional university students, having joined the workforce prior to enrolling in college.  Students take evening courses in six majors:  law, business, communications, education, energy, and advertising.